Make a difference use less plastic

  1. Wet wipes, use an alternative such as washable flannels, cloths – Wipes contain plastic (even flushable ones). It has been found that wipes make up 93% of the material causing the sewer blockages.
  2. Buy your own refillable coffee cup to take to your favourite coffee shop.
  3. Take refillable water bottle to work with your own lunch pack in a reusable box.
  4. Always have your own non plastic carrier bag when you go shopping. Say no to the offer of a plastic bag.
  5. Paper Straws are available from Morrisons Stores or buy stainless steel straws.
  6. Purchase loose tea, fruit and veg from our local shops, Greenlink in Great Malvern or Natural Choice in Barnards Green.
  7. Ditch the cling film and store your food in crockery bowls with tea plates for lids or use beeswax film.
  8. Ask for online purchases not to use plastic packaging.


Up to 12 million tonnes of plastic enters our seas every year.

1 in 3 fish caught for human consumption now contains plastic –

Plastic bottles and nappies can take up to 450 years to biodegrade.

Real Nappies – Modern reusable nappies are nothing like their terry towel counterparts of old. These days, washable nappies are as easy to use as disposable but with the added bonus of saving you a large amount of money, and reducing your black sack waste considerably. For more information go to or email

It’s now thought that plastics may play a role in increasing the uptake of pollutants into the body.” says Blue Planet 2 executive producer, James Honeyborne.

Useful Plastic, medical appliances, mobile phones, computers, service pipes (gas, electricity, water etc).