I took a walk back in September but returned early June 2016 to see the wildflowers dancing in the breeze in these beautiful meadows. Nestled between historic Castlemorton and Hollybed Commons, Hollybed Farm Meadows are one of the Worcestershire Wildlife Trust’s largest meadow nature reserves.  One field, Far Starling Bank, is a Site of Special Scientific Interest because of its traditional hay meadow plants that include crested dog’s-tail, common knapweed, meadow vetchling, sweet vernal grass, yellow rattle, goldilocks buttercup, burnet saxifrage and wild onion.  More locally uncommon species include adder’s-tongue fern, pepper saxifrage, southern marsh orchid and autumn ladies tresses.

In 2013 they began the process of strewing hay from Far Starling Bank as a way of spreading herbage seeds across the rest of the site to help increase the number and variety of plants and to restore the more improved meadows to their former glory.  To celebrate the 60th anniversary of the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II, Far Starling Bank became Worcestershire’s Coronation Meadow.

Hollybed Farm Meadows Leaflet


Hollybed Farm Meadow WWT Information Board




Hollybed Farm Grass