Andrew Findlay Leaflet Design + Print

The Challenge

Andrew Findlay is a creative blacksmith with over 25 years’ experience. He uses traditional and modern hot forging techniques to produce metalwork in a unique naturalistic style for buildings, interiors and gardens. He has a forge in Eastnor, near Ledbury in Herefordshire.
He needed a leaflet about his business to give to visitors who came to an annual crafts exhibition at the Courtyard in Hereford. The leaflet needed to echo the impact that his work has so people would be encouraged to keep it safe and use it to get in touch with him after the event. It also needed to reflect his sustainable ethos.

The Solution

The focal point of the leaflet clearly had to be Andrew’s work. It is visually stunning and sells itself. Andrew also has a very strong logo the vintage letterpress printing foundry type index and it was important to work with this in terms of the overall design feel.
A small selection of beautiful photographs of Andrew’s work provided the leaflet’s core. The intention was to create a piece that was a work of art in its own right.
When it came to the print, the leaflet was printed on 200gsm Cocoon 100% recycled paper using eco friendly inks to reflect his commitment to the environment and echo the artisan nature of his work.


Vist Andrew Findlay’s website.