Bearwood Website Development


The Challenge

Bearwood Associates is a chartered woodland and environmental consultancy based in north Herefordshire. It provides woodland, tree, habitat creation and ecological consultancy as well as project management so that it is easy for clients to implement any recommendations that are made. Established in 2006 the company is well-respected and has a client list that ranges from private landowners to public bodies.

Bearwood Associates had a website, but it had been developed a number of years ago and was out of date in terms of its design and its content. It needed a new look that would give the business a modern, professional online presence and reflect the expertise and quality that it offers.


The Solution

Bearwood Associates had a strong logo and plenty of beautiful images of its work so there was lots that could be done with the design of the website. The end result echoes the company’s letterhead which has a strong column of colour down one side although the website uses a softer grey shade. The website’s real strength is in its use of Bearwood’s photographs, which give it a unique yet professional high quality feel.

The site has a simple structure that is easy to navigate and the layout is similarly simple but effective. As well as featuring project imagery on every page there are also detailed project galleries that provide detail on the company’s work.