Pippin Copywriting Branding

The Challenge

Pippin Copywriting Ltd is a Herefordshire-based copywriting and content agency that helps businesses and organisations to make the most of their words. It specialises in developing well-crafted communications that achieve their objectives and deliver on their investment.

The Solution

Pippin’s name was inspired by the numerous Herefordshire apples that feature the word Pippin (King’s Acre Pippin, Pig’s Nose Pippin and Stoke Edith Pippin are just three of them) so it was logical to use the same inspiration for the visual branding.
The logo can be seen as a ‘P’ or as a stylised apple and also features a leaf and a pip to reinforce the apple imagery.
The simple, clean typeface reflects the company’s approachable but professional personality.

Visit hellopippin.co.uk.