Ebike to Work Branding


The Challenge

Malvern Hills District Council (MHDC) and Malvern Hills Community Car Club have joined forces to launch a small fleet of electric bicycles to support access to work and training. The Ebike to Work scheme provides young people starting work or training with an electric bike to help solve their transport problems.

Transport options are often more limited for people living in rural areas of the district as bus services are not always available and not everyone can afford to own and run a car.

The scheme has been developed by Malvern Hills Car Club (after 12 years of successfully running a two-week Ebike loan scheme) and has received funding of £22,800 from MHDC.

To be accepted on the scheme, participants need to be aged 16 years or over, live or work/train in the Malvern Hills District and have a firm offer of work, training or college course.It is also available for young people already in work or college who are at risk of losing a job or placement due to transport difficulties.

The Solution

We developed a logo that encapsulated the Ebike to Work scheme. We then used the look and feel of this to develop an information leaflet that has a strong and memorable identity that will give the scheme much better visibility in the local area. To encourage students, apprentices and young people already in work or college to apply.

The logo is also being used on the Malvern Hill’s Car Clubs’ website, ebike-to-work.malvernhills-carclubs.org.uk, to carry the identity from the real world into the virtual one.