Branding + Website Development

The Challenge

Hopyard Farm is a 25 acre camping and caravan site in Strensham, Worcestershire. Founded and managed by Philip and Wendy Earl it’s a picturesque site and many visitors return year after year.
Philip and Wendy were keen to continue running Hopyard Farm as a camping and caravan site but they had also secured planning permission to build eight luxury log cabins on the site. They therefore needed a new website that would show off the camping and caravan site but also have details of the log cabins. Alongside the new website they also needed a folder that could contain all the information that someone would need to make a decision to invest in a log cabin.


The Solution

The first step was to create new logos for both Hopyard Farm and Hopwood Lodges, the name chosen for the log cabins. To reinforce the relationship between the two activities, both logos feature a stylised image of hops and a beautifully traditional typeface that conjures up an image of old-fashioned traditional holidays in the country. Hopyard Farm’s logo is a rich, warm brown that reflects the outdoorsiness of a camping and caravan holiday while the Hopwood Lodges logo is an opulent purple that reflects the luxury nature of the lodges.
The website features plenty of images of Hopyard Farm and has a traditional picture postcard feel. The folder we produced for Hopwood Lodges has the luxurious and reassuring feel that is needed to encourage people to invest in one of the properties.